Volvo Wheel Hub Services
Wheel Hub Services for VOLVO truck Hubs and our new precision spline grinding service provides a quality, effective solution for your worn Volvo wheel hubs.
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Volvo Wheel Hub Services

Loose brake discs? Not a problem!

Stud extract are now proud to announce its new spline regrinding service.
In the unfortunate event of your vehicle wheel hub disc becoming loose, we are now able to offer a repair solution, which will save you time and most importantly money!

As seen in the video we have a completely new way of overcoming problems that arise from several braking issues, which in turn can cause your brake disc to become loose. After applying a new coating of metal to your hub using our metal spraying techniques, our fully automated spline grinding machine will have your worn brake disc mounted splines reground while you wait.

Also, why not take advantage of our free fitting service on all discs supplied and have our workshop technicians take care of the task for you.

  • 2-hour service available
  • No need for your bearing to be removed
  • Options of solid/vented discs (free disc fitting service)
  • Other parts are available (e.g. studs, abs rings etc.)

*** In certain circumstances the movement of the loose disc may exceed our tolerance guidelines, therefore alternative options are available ***

Before & After

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More Services

Bolt & Brake Disc Removals

Stud Extract specialise in the removal of disc retaining bolts, using our unique mechanical techniques, we aim to have your vehicle back on the road asap, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Wheel Bearing Services

Premature failure of hub seals can happen for a number of reasons without there being any fault with the bearing, in which case a full inspection and resealing service is available (O.E. bearings only). As an FAG authorised distributor, we stock a complete range of new bearings if resealing is not viable.

Brake Disc & ABS Fitting Service

We offer a free fitting service on products we supply, so why not take advantage and have our technicians do the work for you. All manufactures guidelines and torques are adhered to during the fitment process.